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February 06, 2005

Wait -- almost forgot.

We bought something last weekend.

New cat tree:


Obviously, Gord owns it.

Well, except when Tink does, of course. Nobody's on it all the time, and so far I think everybody but Doodle has managed to fall off the top.

Got it for about $120 at the local pet store -- I know I remember seeing it in there for twice that about a year ago, but I guess nobody wanted to pay that much for it. I didn't either, obviously. Paid about the same for it as we did for the old green one that was getting so shagged. I moved it upstairs for the time being -- it's right next to the picture window in the front room upstairs, now, until I can decide whether to part ways with it or not. Funny that it's better hidden in the front room upstairs than it is down here, in the back, in the family room.

Okay, it isn't really funny at all, is it?

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