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May 01, 2005

Some pictures we took last night.

Max is a very photogenic dog -- unnaturally, really. That's why it's so funny when we take pictures of him that make him look like a complete dork. You really have to try to accomplish that.


This is a nice little transposition -- the PowerBook in the background has one of Max's 'dodo' shots on it. He doesn't actually look like he's drooling into his beard in this one, we just liked it because of the image on the PowerBook.


This one, however, consists of pure, unalloyed dumb.


He left a noseprint on the camera that lasted through the next couple of shots. No, I don't know what the bloody hell he thought he was doing. Assuming he thinks is probably gilding the lily.


Max buried in my hair. Tony took that one, and also the one where Max's nose is jammed on the lens and he looks like some bizarre light anomaly sent back from the Galileo space probe or the misaligned Hubble telescope.

And as a palate cleanser, a dose of pure, unalloyed evil:


Also known as "yet another crappy, not at all characteristic picture of Squeek."

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