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October 22, 2005

Yeah, yeah -- I know.

But I did warn you. I'm horrible about keeping journals. I think I mentioned that I wrote most of the entries in my freshman year high school journal the week before I had to turn it in for a grade. I'm trying to work, attend night classes, volunteer at an animal shelter, whatever. It's hard. Need some wood?

Okay, I did have some pictures, anyhow.

Here's one:


This ... thing that Gord does with his foot, when he's cleaning his 'nether regions' (/ren hoek), just creeps us out. At least in this one, he doesn't have his back toes splayed out. Admit it -- it's weird!


Here's Max ventilating on the floor. The piles of blankies and beds? It's because Max likes to go out in the run when I'm sitting around at my desk in the mornings, and sometimes I walk away to ... oh, I don't know, refill my coffee or something ... and he flings himself back in through the door and leaps off my desk. I figure if he's too stupid to aim for the pile of blankies and beds, it's his problem. Of course, that's not really realistic -- it's really my problem, since we'll end up paying for steroid shots or arthritis meds later in his life, if he injures hisself.


Her Highness, Tink. She's an impressive specimen, and tell me if you saw this cat you'd know she was eight years old, because she will be in not much more than a week, and I'd never guess. Lucky Tink (and us), she seems not to have any signs of arthritis so far. I worry about that with this crew, though more with Gord than Tink, since we don't know his history, and until we had the run, Tink didn't get to go outside much.


He almost -- almost -- looks like a real cat.


I can't help it -- I like this shot of Tink. Can't really explain it.

In the 'general information' category, Doodle's got what looks like a rodent ulcer going on her upper lip this time. We've decided to give it another week to see if it gets worse -- it's inflamed, and has been, but sometimes she gets things like that and they go away. Unfortunately, rodent ulcers on the upper lip can cause tissue erosion, and (fortunately) we know steroid shots will usually settle her skin down, so if the mess ain't cleaned itself up now that the weather's cooler (and potential allergens are less highly concentrated), we'll take her in and get her a shot. She'll hate it, give us grief and probably shoot her anal glands, but better that than have her upper lip erode and give her more trouble than her half-toothless mouth already does.

Doodle, for all we love her dearly, falls into the 'no good deed ever goes unpunished' box. Absolutely no question.

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