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June 24, 2006

Just a few shots

Changed work situ, no time, nothing much changes, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, here's a few pictures.


Gord's tail is unquestionably obscene. But, then, like many aging ginger tom cats, Gord is a bit obscene. He's eight years old -- just middle-aged for a cat -- but he looks like if he were human, he'd spend Saturday afternoons sitting on the sofa, beer in hand, watching whatever sporting event the season offered while his teenaged son mowed the lawn.


Yeah, I know -- kind of amazing. Neither of them ever wants to share anything, but they'll camp there on that blanket for hours together. Well, until Gord decides he doesn't want to share anymore and either begs Tink to groom his head until she's sick to death of him and leaves, or he starts a fight.

Tink has been obsessively grooming the fur off her belly and one of her front legs. Not that I didn't know she was a bit of a twist, but there's no really good explanation for the timing. I first noticed it after the 'tainted mole' episode, back when Tony went to San Francisco (last spring or early summer, I think). She was grooming a lot because, I think, her innards hurt and it seemed to soothe her to lick her belly. Since then she's denuded herself from hock to hock and about two tits up. And a spot about the size of a quarter on her right foreleg, as well, which can't in any way be explained by the tainted mole episode.

I'll check and see if I wrote about that one, and if not, I'll add an entry. Needless to say, it was about as unpleasant as any non-fatal thing I've ever dealt with, with the critters in this house.

And, finally, a picture of the dog that makes him look as if he were carved out of wood:


Told ya'!

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